There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The Collagist is published once every two months. Each issue features original fiction, poetry, and essays, most of which have been selected from unsolicited submissions.

We have two submission periods: from March 1 to July 31, and from October 1 to January 31. Please use the links below for all submissions, and note that if you need to withdraw a piece, you must do so from inside the submission manager. Wait to hear back before sending more work; we cannot consider multiple submissions (simultaneous submissions, though, are fine).

If sending several poems or very short fictions, please follow the guidelines found in the categories below and include all of those pieces in a single file, as a single submission. If you need to withdraw an individual piece from such a submission, simply leave a note on your submission to that effect. 

Those interested in reviewing for The Collagist should direct their queries to All other correspondence may be sent to Gabriel Blackwell at

Note: By submitting to The Collagist, you are also signing up for irregularly-published newsletter. We will rarely (if ever) e-mail, and we will never give out your e-mail to anyone else. Thank you.