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Death unites us all as humans. And stories about death are as old as stories themselves. In the season of dying, the chill of autumn following the harvest, the foreboding notion that winter will come sooner than we think, death hangs around us in vibrant colors. So consider this a call to all of the fiction writers out there: submit your best stories about death, whether they be haunting and grim, tragic and revelatory, surreal and absurd, comical and phantasmagoric, or something else entirely. So long as death is a theme or a character or a plot-point, a beginning or climax or conclusion, they will be considered for this special fiction section.

Please keep work under 5,000 words and relevant to the topic. Genre fiction is welcomed so long as it is well-written and inventive. Bonus points to the backwoods folks out there who might feel obliged to submit stories about country death.
Ends in 4 days, 7 hours
The Collagist includes previously unpublished work from four poets in each monthly issue, publishing between one and three poems per poet.
Ends in 4 days, 7 hours
The Collagist includes between one and three previously unpublished essays in each monthly issue, on a variety of personal, political, and literary subjects.